We Specialise in Ultrasound Livestock Scanning of Sheep and Deer.


Established Services Includes

  • Pregnancy scanning in ewes.
  • Eye muscle scanning in stud ewes and rams
  • Loin volume measurement
  • Data processing and reporting
  • Eye muscle scanning in deer


Founder and leaders of ultrasound scanning with 20 years experience.

Stockscan has been the leading company involved in the ultrasound scanning industry for over 20 years. We scan throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Latest In Ultrasound Technology

We use the latest in technology to help increase efficientcies for farmers. Eye muscle data electronicly entered and spreadsheet provided on memory stick. Automatic drafting system for pregnancy scanning - no need for a extra marker.



"We have used Rowan Farmer for over 15 years for both pregnancy and eye muscle scanning. We have found Rowan excellent to work with. We get very accurate results when pregnancy scanning for our twin, late and dry ewes. Pregnancy scanning helps us with our feed management as well as identifying the ewes that have been covered by the chaser ram.

In continuing to increase the meat production performance of our merinos we have started eye muscle scanning our ram hoggets. This is allowing us to identify stud sires that have the potential to increase the meat yield of merino lambs. We are really starting to make progress in finishing merino lambs earlier to good weights."

Simon Paterson, Armidale Merinos